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NTV Uganda Presenter Faridah Nakazibwe Rants to Nemesis Justine Nameere Allegations Again.

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NTV Uganda Presenter Faridah Nakazibwe Rants to Nemesis Justine Nameere Allegations Again.

It seems the hatred between two female presenters Faridah Nakazibwe and Justine Nameere will not be brought to rest as it was   thought as Faridah Nakazibwe rants hard Again to nemesis Justine Nameere who has previously been on her neck for decades.

Nameere has for a while made Nakazibwe a big subject in her addresses and she has been on several interviews on different Medias only to talk about their failed relationship, but the NTV Uganda   news anchor   has always remained tight-lipped.

Not this time around! During an interview on Tuesday with one of local media, Nakazibwe revealed that the reason she doesn’t respond to Nameere’s attacks is because she is like a misguided missile, only seeking attention.

“I look at Justine Nameere as a misguided missile because she was seeking attention, when I refused to give it to her, she left me alone. But if she feels like she needs more of me, she can still bring it on,” Nakazibwe ranted.

And about apologizing for what she allegedly said about Nameere, Nakazibwe said that an apology will never happen, not today, tomorrow or forever.

I will ignore her until she apologizes to herself, if she’s waiting for my apology, it is not coming now, not tomorrow and not forever,” she said.

The battle between these two former workmates started in 2017 when Nakazibwe accused Nameere of stalking her husband Umar Ssali and sending threatening messages to her through social media.

Although Nakazibwe decided to give this topic a rest, Nameere has been ranting about it on several occasions, and she recently used it as an opportunity to mock Nakazibwe’s struggling love life;-how she got married to a conman Umar Ssali, before requesting Nakazibwe to come out and apologize publicly for tarnishing her reputation.

“Look into yourself well! Someone like you who struggles to be such an angel and so perfect should not be counting divorce number 4! I empathise with you that you were gullible enough to be fooled, a simple crook got you into unnecessary clashes with different people,” Nameere told Nakazibwe recently.

Watch Faridah full interview here;


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